Why I’m Passionate About Mayor Pete

There’s a first for everything and 2020 is the first year I am completely invested in the Democratic Presidential Primary. While I plan to vote blue no matter who, I am rooting for, volunteering with and donating to one candidate in particular, Pete Buttigieg.

From the day he announced his exploratory committee, Pete’s simple tenets of freedom, democracy and security resonated with me. I was excited by his bold ideas, like re-examining the electoral college, reforming the process of appointing judges to the Supreme Court and introducing National Service.

Most of all, I am reassured by his pragmatic approach, steady temperament, measured discipline and sincere faith and sense of duty to be good and do good.

4 Key Reasons Why I’m Supporting Pete

He is kind. I have never seen Pete lash out or belittle fellow competitors. Even when given an opening in debates, he doesn’t take the bait. Take his heartfelt response at the New Hampshire debate where he essentially repudiated Trump and the Republicans for weaponizing Joe Biden’s own son against him. Pete has something called Rules of the Road (see graphic above). As volunteers and supporters, we are asked to always play by these rules and never to bully voters into voting for Pete or donating to his campaign.

He has the ability to inspire. When I hear him speak, I feel hopeful. When I see Pete’s Plans I believe in the possibilities. I am moved and excited by how Pete’s unifying message is resonating with people from all walks of life, varying age groups and all parts of the political spectrum. He has assembled a loyal, dedicated and diverse campaign team, which is a glimpse of how he will build a White House staff and Cabinet.

He’s not just smart, he’s savvy. I’m not worried about Pete’s experience-level. In fact, I am impressed with how much this 38-year old man has accomplished and the expansive range of his knowledge and experience — eight languages, Harvard grad, Rhodes Scholar, military, corporate and executive/civic experience. And, he plays Risk for fun!

If I look at the Pete for America campaign, I see someone who has the tenacity and maturity to run a large, complex operation responsibly. He has been transparent with donors about when fundraising goals are met. He has used money wisely. He has a traditional and online media strategy. He has organizers on the ground and a state-by-state strategy. He’s a savvy enough politician to make it in Washington, but he’s grounded enough to go there and propose bold and relevant ideas. Check out Pete’s Plans.

He truly is a stable genius. Not much rattles Pete, whether that’s Trump using a dated reference to MAD Magazine or the other Democratic candidates attacking him on the debate stage.

He keeps his cool but makes his voice heard. He remains respectful but will not tolerate being disrespected or having his words taken out of context. He’s even keeled but passionate about things like the safety of soldiers on enemy lines or children being caged at the border.

I’ve spoken with people who tell me they really like Pete, but they’re not sure if America is “ready” for a gay president. The results so far prove the contrary.

No doubt, homophobia is as real as racism, sexism, Islamaphobia and every other kind of intolerance and prejudice that’s out there. When recently questioned about this at a CNN Town Hall, Pete said, “It’ll happen. I’m ready.” That’s the kind of personal courage and conviction we need in a leader.

Let’s face it, Trump, his propaganda machine, the conspiracy theorists and the Russians can take down any of our candidates.

When we unite behind someone we all believe in, we can defeat Trump and begin a new era that starts with healing and restores a democracy we can be proud of.

I invite you to learn more about Pete. And if you want to support his campaign and see where tis Primary goes with him in it, you can volunteer or donate.

If you’ve already chosen a Democratic candidate other than Pete and are as passionate about them as I am about Pete, then I salute you in solidarity!

Kamna Narain (aka CoachKamna): humbly offering ideas, insights and inspiration on everyday life | helping others think and act mindfully and practicing the same